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It is recommended that all possible prevention of air dusting in places where histoplasmas are distributed in the soil, protection from inhalation of air contaminated with fungi in rooms, at earthworks, in mycological laboratories, and thorough disinfection of air in these laboratories. Control of plant materials, fruits, vegetables, appropriate handling of dusty objects and materials coming from areas where this disease is common. A patient with histoplasmosis does not pose a danger to order cozaar pills.

Infectious, in particular, fungal diseases are by no means uncommon in the modern world. People face similar problems regardless of age, gender and other factors. And quite dangerous is a disease called histoplasmosis. What it is? What symptoms are accompanied? What complications can it lead to? What methods of treatment does modern medicine offer? The answers to these questions will be of interest to many readers. After all, it's no secret that almost any disease is much easier to treat in the early stages.

It is worth noting that this disease has a very clear geographical distribution. In Central and South America, as well as in the southwestern regions of Losartan pills, the infection is recorded quite often. The disease is also found in Southeast Asia and Africa. But in Canada, Russia and European countries, this disease is considered quite rare - such cases are recorded most often among tourists who have spent a long time in countries at risk. Despite such a slight spread of the disease in Russia, it will be useful for each reader to know what exactly is histoplasmosis. Symptoms, transmission routes, forms and features of the course of the disease are important points that will help you suspect something is wrong and consult a doctor in time.

According to statistics, among men, such a disease occurs twice as often. In addition, children and people with a weakened immune system are more prone to it (there are twice as many cases of this disease in pediatrics). Description of the pathogen and mechanism of transmission.

In order to understand what histoplasmosis is, you first need to learn more about its causative agent. It is the dimorphic fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. Its tissue form is a small, unicellular pear-shaped or rounded organism. Dimensions do not exceed 2-4 microns. A characteristic difference of this form is its intracellular location - as a rule, fungi penetrate macrophages, cells of the spleen, liver, lymph nodes, etc. Histoplasmosis is a disease that primarily affects the structures of the immune system.

It should be noted that these microorganisms are not too resistant to the effects of the external environment, however, in the presence of humidity and appropriate temperature, they can retain the ability to live. Heating to 55-60 degrees for 45 minutes leads to the death of cell cultures. But fungi are more resistant to the effects of chloramine, phenol, formalin - their death begins after 15-30 minutes from the start of exposure.

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The natural reservoir of these fungi is the soil, which is contaminated with faeces and droppings of infected animals (these can be pigeons, dogs, cats, chickens). For example, abandoned buildings, caves, wells and even air conditioners create excellent conditions for the vital activity of these microorganisms. As a rule, infection occurs by air, when a person inhales dust with fungi. Risk groups include builders, miners, farmers, tourists, geologists, speleologists, etc. Direct transmission through contact with an infected person or animal has not been observed.

Once in the respiratory tract of a person, fungal microorganisms acquire a tissue form, resulting in damage to the lungs, as well as regional lymph nodes. Further spread of pathogenic agents along with the blood flow leads to sensitization of the body, the production of specific antigens, and then to buy cozaar to other organs (not observed in all patients).

Immediately it should be said that there are several forms in which histoplasmosis can manifest itself. What is it and what are the features and differences of these varieties of the disease? For example, depending on the course, acuteand chronic form of the disease. In acute histoplasmosis, symptoms appear abruptly, the disease develops quickly. Chronic disease, on the contrary, proceeds sluggishly, but often leads to irreversible changes in tissues.

Most often, the infection affects the respiratory system, resulting in the development of pulmonary histoplasmosis. However, extrapulmonary forms are also possible. In particular, disseminated histoplasmosis is quite dangerous - this is a form of the disease that affects the mucous tissues, skin, internal organs and leads to buy Losartan complications, including arthritis, encephalitis, disorders of the cardiovascular system, etc. Acute histoplasmosis of the lungs. symptoms.

As mentioned earlier, fungal pathogens enter the human body along with inhaled dust. That is why the most common is pulmonary histoplasmosis. Its symptoms largely depend on the state of the patient's immune system. The incubation period ranges from 4 to 30 days, although most often the activation of the infection occurs 7-14 days after inhalation of pathogenic fungi. In most people, the disease is mild and does not cause any serious problems. Quite often, patients are not even aware of their illness.

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